April 23: Student-Led Lessons

Siri by Apple

Sonia, Josh, Lorenzo

Before your presentation day, we ask you to share five references: ideally, resources that pertain to your presentation and area of specialization, perhaps supplemented with a couple more generalist “what is an interface?” resources. You’ll post citations for these resources, along with a ~150-word annotation for each, to our shared, class-wide annotated bibliography.
From Sonia:

  • This is a paper describing the design principles and processes of a digital game for cats, co-authored by two designers and researchers. The paper talks about the rationales for its interface design and also touches upon interspecies boundaries, asymmetric relationships between petowners and pets, design for intelligence amongst others. These makes this paper stand out as an ambitious one and leaves plenty of space for critical examinations and reviews: Frank Noz and Jinsoo An, “Cat Cat Revolution: An Interspecies Gaming Experience,” Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, ACM (2011): 2661-2664.

From Josh:

  • Vivian Kane, “Online Misogyny Is Hate Speech,” Moment 43.5 (Sep/Oct 2018): 18.
  • Trigger Warning: There is discussed (in the video and in comments) and depicted (via memes) sexually explicit acts, extremely violent acts targeted at individuals based on gender, appearance, and ethnicity, aggressive slurs, and proliferation of suicidal ideation and self-hatred. I cannot overemphasize that this is a violent topic, and the only reason that I have chosen this source is because it does not sugar coat nor skirt the fact that there are dangers to echo chambers, and this project is an attempt to continue such conversations: Vice, “This is What The Life of an Incel Looks Like” <video> [6:42]. Please watch the video and read the comments.

From Lorenzo

  • Tim Ingold, “Surface Visions,Theory, Culture and Society 34: 7–8 (2017): 99–108.

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