Fair Use

We make use of a variety of public domain and copyrighted images and other media in our class and on this website. In featuring copyrighted materials here, we make the claim that our use of those materials falls within the domain of “fair use” (as detailed by the Visual Resources Association, the College Art Association, and the Society for Cinema and Media Studies). These materials are used solely for non-profit, educational purposes; that use is “transformative,” in that it supports the generation of new critical analysis and new creative and scholarly works; we aim to use only those limited portions of the material necessary to support our pedagogical goals; and our work in no way curtails the copyright holders’ potential to profit from their work, nor does this this work provide financial gain for us. To the contrary, we hope that our work has the potential to draw attention to the work of other emerging and marginalized scholars, artists, designers, and cartographers, and thus potentially increase the market value of those works and services. (See also the Critical Media Project’s Fair Use Statement.)

What’s more, this entire website represents the “commoning” of intellectual resources produced by the course instructor(s) and students. Rather than framing our own intellectual and creative work as “intellectual property,” we offer it as a public resource. In addition, we always aim to provide attribution and link to the materials’ original source, and we ask that those who use our work please do the same.

If a copyright holder finds their work here and sees that we’ve accidentally omitted or misdirected an attribution, please contact us, and we will immediately and gladly fix the error.