April 16: Student-Led Lessons

Marshall Islands Stick Chart

Tim, Thalia, Anh-Ton + Daye

Before your presentation day, we ask you to share five references: ideally, resources that pertain to your presentation and area of specialization, perhaps supplemented with a couple more generalist “what is an interface?” resources. You’ll post citations for these resources, along with a ~150-word annotation for each, to our shared, class-wide annotated bibliography.
From Tim:

  • Public Speaking. Directed by Martin Scorsese. Performed by Fran Lebowitz. (HBO Documentary Films, 2010). Scorsese’s 2010 documentary “Public Speaking” profiles Fran Lebowitz and invokes American intellectuals of the 20th century. The short clip I am showing feature’s Lebowitz discussing Times Square from a historical perspective, and with thought to the transformation of the space under neoliberal capitalism.
  • Times Square District Management Association, “Times Square Online Home Page.” “The Official Website” of Times Square attempts to curate a digital space with the same vibrancy as the in-person destination. Allowing students to peruse the site’s multi-faceted slick advertisement campaigns, I want to draw a contrast with the in-person experience of being in the space and the digitally-curated experience.
  • @Timessquarenyc, “The Official Instagram for Times Square”. Accessed March 26, 2019. Take a quick look at these accounts in addition to the official website, just to see a more ubiquitous format of digital interaction.

From Thalia:

From Anh-Ton and Daye:

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